Newborn Care
Infant Care
Annual Physicals
Routine Services
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Adult Medicine

Preventive and Routine Services
Diabetic Education
Dietary and Obesity Counseling
Laboratory testing, EKGs and Spirometry
The Only Gynecology Resources You Will Ever Need - Chariss Family
Women have more concerns about their health due to the structure of specific convoluted body parts and functions and Chariss Family is her to help.


Annual Well Woman Exams
Family Planning
Acute Gyn Problem Management
Chariss Family Medical Clinic & Med-Spa

Occupational Health & Trauma Management

Sports Physicals
Lesion Removals
Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Our Healthcare Practitioner issues qualified patients with a Medical Marijuana Certification to treat or alleviate the patient’s debilitating medical condition such as Musculoskeletal Pain, Cancer Pain, Psychological Conditions and more.
Physical Examinations

Physical Examinations

The Chariss Family clinic provides physical examinations for patients of all ages.
Chariss Family Medical Clinic & Med-Spa

Vitamin Infusion Therapy and Antiaging

Our IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy and Antiaging is a fresh approach to vitamin supplements that offer you various benefits. We offer IV Vitamin C Therapy, Glutathione, and Vitamin B-12 to maintain wellness/ improve your overall health.
What Is Skin Testing For Allergies? Lanham, MD
Skin Allergy Testing means that your skin will be undergoing a quick test for a reaction done by applying a substance or maybe injecting it on the skin.

Skin Allergy Test

We screen for allergies using a Skin Allergy Test.
Chariss Family Medical Clinic & Med-Spa

ABI Testing

We check the quality of blood flow to the arms and legs.

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